On October 26, 2008, we, a number of Trunkdivers, decided to try to reach the plane wreck of the Fokker Fairchild F27 at Playa Kalki. The wreck is located between Playa Kalki and Playa Gepi. You can see the red buoy from the beach at Playa Kalki but the wreck is normally out of reach from shore. Most of the time the current is Eastward which means that you swim against the current on your way back. So we decided to use rental underwater scooters.


PlayaKalki_vliegtuigwrak_20081026_004_kleinAt the dive shop of Ocean Encounters West we asked for directions. OEW organizes boat dives to this wreck.
After 19 minutes we got the wreck in sight. We parked the scooters near the wreck and started touring around. The wreck is not in very good condition. It is broken in several parts and the main part of the cabin is open on one side for most of its length. It is still possible to swim through the wreck although you have to be a bit carefull because the wreck is rocking on the waves.
After 20 minutes at the wreck site we were at half tank so we decided to go back to the beach. Because of the current it took us about 25 minutes before we reached the beach. That is also about the limit for the scooter batteries. Clearly a sign that diving from shore without a scooter is hardly possible unless you accept having almost no time at the wreck site.