Roi from Seru Pretu to Boka Tabla

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Roi Boka Tabla 20150212 013 smallOn Thursday February 12, 2015 we went back for another hike in the Christoffelpark. Our agenda is to investigate (almost) every hilltop and valley (roi) in the Christoffel park. A large part of this park is not visited by the public and even the park rangers don't come (often) in certain areas of the park. So every new trip can result in the discovery of unknown facts of the park. And even if we don't find anything during our hike, then at least we made clear that there is nothing of historical value and no extraordinary natural phenomena  in that particular area of the park. With that as our agenda, there is still a lot of work to do in the park.
This time we investigated a roi that is running from the side of the Seru Pretu, which we climbed last week, in the direction of Boka Tabla. Our starting point was the parking lot at the Boka Tabla Viewpoint. There we parked our cars. From there we walked via the asphalt road to the point closest to the roi. Walking on asphalt is not really what we like, so we were glad that we could enter the vegetation at a certain point.

 The roi was not so densily overgrown as we are used to; no abundance of Palu di lechi or Wabi; if there was a dense vegetation at a certain point we could easily make a short detour over one of the sides of the roi.
Soon we encountered a very large object in the roi. Closer inspection showed that it was the upper structure of a concrete miximg truck. We could see some bees entering the structure so we carefully approached it. Apparently there was an accident in the past and the truck rolled down from the hill into the roi. The truck itself is missing so maybe that part was worth recovering. It would be interesting to find out when this happened and what exactly happened. Maybe a search in the online newspapers will reveal something or maybe one of the readers remembers something. If so, please come forward and let me know through the contact page on this website.

 We continued our hike through a really beautiful roi with several patches of Common Aloe along the side, impressive trees on the slope, many kalbas trees, fields of Bromelias and only a few artifacts. Not many people have walked here, neither in the past nor in the present time.
After a while we reached a large tanki. There the roi is blocked by a slightly elevated road used by Aqualectra to maintain the power lines. This has created a rather large tanki, currently completely dry.

From there we started our way back to the cars. First back through the same roi but soon we left the roi and went uphill. On the slope Karel was 'attacked' by a cactus; that cactus was no longer growing upright but was bent down in an angle with the former top just at the level of Karel's head. An unpleasant encounter. Maybe we should start wearing helmets in the mondi.