We hiked several times in this neighborhood; last time we went to the top of the Seru Kabayé where we found a triangulation point of Kadaster. This mountain appears to have a second top which is only marginably lower than the top that we reached last time. The name Seru Kabayé suggests that it has something to do with a horseman; although Kabayé is not an existing word in the local language Papiamentu, it sounds like someone who rides or owns a horse (Kabai). So maybe we could find a watch post of this horseman on this second top. We don't need much to start an investigation, so on Valentine's Day we, the sleuths, gathered once again at the kunuku (farm land) of Ronnie Christina, where we are allowed to park our cars when we are in this neighborhood.

Seru Kabaye 20130214 035 smallFrom there we walked for the first part over a dirt road. Along this road we saw an area that was freshly cleared from almost all vegetation and where now a container has been parked. Apparently someone claims his land and wants to start using it. Not far from there we left the dirt road and started our way uphill. The vegetation was rather dense and consisted of Palu di Lele, Wabi and a lot of Prickly Pears. All these plants have thorns so it was not always easy to find our way. Fred walked in front and cleared a path with his stick; that is the best way to deal with the Prickly pear when you need to go through them. Palu di Lele and Wabi are best tackled with our "Dirk schaar", a special kind of garden shears that Dirk introduced us to, or by just crawling underneath these trees.

After a while we reached a dry stone wall where we took a rest. This wall is the border between the plantations of Pannekoek and Dokterstuin. From there we tried to follow the wall but the dense vegetation made that impossible. To the right of the wall we found a better pathway and after a short while we reached the top. From there we had a very nice view of the surroundings. In the distance we could see the country house of Dokterstuin and also the church of Barber.

When we climbed the highest top of the Seru Kabayé a few weeks ago we found an easy path from that top to the dirt road so we crossed the valley between the two tops and went up to the other top. On that side of the mountain there are large and very nice specimens of the White Gum tree and the Brasilwood. 

We took a rest next to the triangulation point and then we went downhill along the path that we found the last time. When we reached the dirt road it was only another 15 minutes till we reached the cars.

After this hike we celebrated the birthday of François with a nice meal at Dokterstuin.

  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_001Our hiking trail (blue) on the topographical map of 1993
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_002François explains to Ronnie what our plan of action is for today
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_003Chicken in the basket?
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_004A nice yellow flower against a blue sky
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_005Recently cleared area
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_006A rectangular block; looks like a measuring point but isn't
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_007The top of a dam
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_010View on the Seru Gabilan, the Seru Bandera and an unnamed mountain
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_011Hetty appears from the bushes
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_012A Melocactus with a head
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_013Three Melocacti together
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_014A very prickly Candle Cactus
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_016The top of the Seru Kabayé that we reached last time
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_017Fred and Dirk take a rest
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_018A small snail on a tree
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_019Yellow-green moss on the dry stone wall
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_021View on the plantation Dokterstuin
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_022Carel has found something and wants to show it to Hetty
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_023I have no idea what they are looking at
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_024Moss on a stone (this is not what they were looking at)
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_028Our stylite Fred couldn't find a pillar, so a tree has to do
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_029Fred still in the tree; eating cooked young peanuts
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_030Hetty and Dirk underneath the same tree
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_031A natural braid
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_032
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_033Moss growing on a tree
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_035Also nature celebrates Valentine's day
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_036View on Barber with the church
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_037Fred is almost on the top
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_038Once again the dry stone wall
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_039Orange colored moss on stones
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_040Hetty and Carel also almost on the top
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_041In the distance the dry stone wall continues
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_042Beautiful flower of the Prickly Pear
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_043Flower of the Watakeli (Bourreria succulenta)
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_044Fruit of the Watakeli
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_045A nice and old Brasilwood
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_046Dirk is looking at a Brasilwood with a very thick trunk
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_047A large White Gum tree
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_048Typical moss that we find often when we are in the mountains
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_049This side of the mountain is covered with impressive trees
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_051
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_052
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_053Another piece of moss
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_054These trees are shaped by the wind
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_055Resting next to the triangulation point
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_056View on the other top of the Seru Kabayé
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_057Just a nice leaf
  • Seru_Kabaye_20130214_058The plant and fruit of the Okra