Seru Pretu

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Seru Pretu 20150205 025 smallIn the area of Zorgvlied in the Christoffel park lies a mountain that we didn't climb yet. Thursday February 5, 2015 was the date that we decided to do just that. We met at the parking lot of the Christoffel park. We means François, Fred, Carel, Eddy, Hetty and me. We went into the park with two cars and parked these cars at the Knip Viewpoint. From there we started our hike. First we followed the asphaltroad downhill. Soon we crossed the border between the former plantations Zorgvlied and Knip; this border is marked by a dry-stone wall that is visible on both sides of the asphalt road. We continued on the road till this road made a turn. There we went straight through into the vegetation.

Also there we soon found a dry-stone wall; this time not a border between plantations but a so-called 'green wall' on the Werbata map, which means that this is a boundary to separate one area from another. It is indicated as a green line on the Werbata map because it doesn't have to be a dry-stone wall; it also could be a fence or a row of cacti.

We went uphill to reach the first subtop of the Seru Pretu. There we took a short break to enjoy the view. From there we continued in the direction of the top. We found a Kadaster measuring point, the VH 1302. Normally such a measuring point is positioned at the highest point of the mountain. Strangely enough the Werbata map showed another point as the highest. And indeed that location is a few meters higher according to the GPS. Apparently there was a better line of sight at the location of the measuring point.

It is unclear why this mountain is called Seru Pretu (black mountain) although we saw some dark patches in the rock. Maybe a high content of iron in the rock.

We decided to descend along the same path that we took on our way up. At a certain point we left this track to check the density of the vegetation in the neighborhood of a roi that we want to investigate another time. After a break next to the roi we went back to the road and from there to the parked cars.