From Seru Gracia to Seru Bosman

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Seru Gracia naar Seru Bosman 20140605 014 smallOn Thursday, June 5, 2014 we wanted to hike from the Seru Gracia to the Seru Bosman via the Seru Batata and a nameless mountain. The distance was only 1.7 kilometers but we expected that we would be unable to come back at the Seru Gracia in time. Luckily we got help from the park rangers. We went with two of our cars and a truck of the rangers to the Seru Bosman where we parked our cars. From there the park ranger brought us with his truck to our starting point, the Seru Gracia. In this way we would have to walk the trip only in one direction. And that appeared to be a good decision because it took us a full 4 hours to reach our cars. A clear indication of the difficulty of this hike.

We descended from the Seru Gracia into the valley between this mountain and the next one, the Seru Batata. A very remarkable thing happened during that descent. We walked in this region once before and suddenly François said that according to him we were very close to where we found the rare Anthurium plant during that previous trip. And indeed he walked us straight to the plant. without the help of a GPS and a waypoint. A remarkable memory. Impressive!

We walked on top and sometimes along a dry-stone wall reasonably easy to the top of the Seru Batata where François found a Kadaster measuring point. There we took a rest. A small group went ahead to the following top while the rest fell behind and got separated from the front runners. But in the end we regrouped at the top of the next (nameless) mountain. From there we agreed to stay together as a group.
The last part to the Seru Bosman did look very difficult with a dense vegetation but luckily after some deliberation we found a route that was reasonably easy. Close to 1 PM we reached our cars.

Along the route from the Seru Gracia we found a lot of blooming plants. In the last two weeks some rain had fallen and that was enough to get a lot of plants blooming.Strangely enough we could still see parts of the Christoffel park that are a lot dryer and thus still looking brownish.

Not an easy hike but the beautiful flowers made it all worthwhile.

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