Obsession telescoop webObsession telescope

Original Obsession Classic 18" F/4.5 with Servocat track and goto system and Argo Navis navigation computer. Completely automated goto and tracking system. Total new price for this system is $ 10,036.

When disassembled the telescope can easily fit in a SUV or pick-up truck for transport to a dark site; the cage with the secondary mirror is placed in a custom made box for storage and transport. Setting up the telescope, collimation and initial alignment can be done in about 15 minutes.

A Dobsonian telescope is primarily a telescope for visual use. Taking pictures is possible and done; it is depending on the weather conditions; in Curaçao there is always a rather strong wind which makes it almost impossible to work with longer exposture times. Imaging the planets and the moon can easily be done by making a movie and stacking the best frames. Deep Sky Objects is not possible in Curaçao because of the wind, but I have seen images taken with this kind of telescop from other countries that are quite good. Very long exposures cannot be used because of the alt-azimuth drive system.

If you are interested or in case you have questions contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The following accessories are included in this sale:

  • Eyepieces
    • Televue Nagler type 5 31 mm 2", apparent FOV 82 degrees
    • Televue Nagler type 4 22 mm 2", apparent FOV 82 degrees
    • Televue Radian 8 mm 1.25" with 2" adapter, apparent FOV 60 degrees
    • Televue Big Barlow 2x 2" with 1.25" adapter doubles all the eyepieces
    • Televue Paracorr coma corrector 2" with 1.25" adapter
  • Other accessories:
    • Hotech SCA-2C Laser Collimator
    • 2" Televue focuser to T-ring adapter to connect photo camera
    • Filter slide with 3 2" filters:
      • Lumicon Deep Sky
      • Lumicon UHC
      • Lumicon O III
    • Telrad to point the telescope during alignment and to move manually to an object
    • Power cable to connect the power ground board of the telescope to a 12V battery
    • CATtail DSC stalk for the Argo Navis and Stellarcat wireless or wired adapter
    • Extra stalk to put a laptop computer on if needed

Total new price of all the eyepieces is $ 2,072; total new price of the other accessories is $ 1,094.

Sales price

Everything is in used but good condition. The primary mirror has been cleaned in the beginning of this year and the mirror is in good useable condition. Cleaning is easy; instructions are available. Cleaning can be done with the mirror inside the telescope without risk of damaging the electronic and electric equipment.

The new price of telescope, eyepieces and accessories is $ 13,202; the asking price is just $ 6,000 (45% of the new price).

Everything has to go in one sale; "as is where is" in Curaçao. Shipping and handling to another country is not included in the price.

Pictures of all the components

  • 20210102_132426Cleaning - before image
  • 20210102_132437Cleaning - before image
  • 20210102_133053Cleaning - setup
  • 20210102_133751Cleaning - first rinses
  • 20210102_134035Cleaning - detailed cleaning
  • 20210102_140322Cleaning - after image
  • 20210102_140330Cleaning - after image
  • Obsession_20190719_001Obsession telescope stored
  • Obsession_20190719_003The official plaque on the side of the telescope
  • Obsession_20190719_004The top part of the telescope with the secondary mirror in its box
  • Obsession_20190719_005Hotech SCA-2C Laser Collimator
  • Obsession_20190719_006Telrad
  • Obsession_20190719_007Argo Navis navigation computer
  • Obsession_20190719_008Argo Navis navigation computer
  • Obsession_20190719_009Servocat wireless handpad
  • Obsession_20190719_010Servocat wired handpad
  • Obsession_20190719_0113 Televue eyepieces
  • Obsession_20190719_0122" Coma corrector and 2" 2x barlow
  • Obsession_20190719_013Televue T-ring adapter for 2" focuser
  • Obsession_20190719_014Filterslide with 3 2" lumicon filters
  • Obsession_20190719_015Powercable between 12V battery and powerboard

Some pictures taken with this telescope

  • Jupiter_125sec_P9100781_CombineFilesSigMed_1Jupiter, 1/125sec, 226 frames of 5312 frames
  • Maan_P8220690_Registax_PS_webMoon, 1090 frames of 2250 frames
  • Mars_320sec_P9100787_CombineFilesSigMed_1Mars, 1/320sec, 74 frames off 1465 frames
  • Saturnus_P9100785_combineSigMed255_1Saturn, 1/30sec, 193 frames of 3860 frames
  • _Planeten Jupiter Saturnus en MarsJupiter, Saturn and Mars combined