On Sunday September 27, 2009 Trunkdivers went for a boat dive to Eastpoint. Niels of Dive Charter Curacao organizes regular trips to the East and North coast and the diveshop Trunkdivers, specialized in shore diving along the Southern and Northern coast, felt for some time the need to go to Eastpoint. A location that is hardly accessible from shore because most of the area is private property.

At half past nine we met at the fishermen's harbour at Caracasbay. All divesets were unloaded from the cars, the sets were completely geared up and everything was put in the boat. Kevin and Niels were our dive guides on this trip.
After a pitstop to fuel the boat the journey went along Barbara Beach towards Eastpoint. A trip of about 35 minutes. The sea was a bit choppy so the ride on the waves was not always quiet.
After we arrived at Eastpoint we got a dive briefing from Niels; when everyone was ready we had to leave the boat in an organized way but short time to keep the group together in the water. The dive went first to the cage that was renamed the Love Cage a few weeks ago by Niels but this time there were no sharks there. There was a nice large lobster hanging at the ceiling though. The trip continued along a large rock where also sometimes sharks can be found (not this time) to the Tarpon Bridge. There we were not disappointed; a small group of Tarpons was swimming around and through the bridge. A nice view this natural bridge in combination with the Tarpons.

After the surface break in a calm bay where we also changed the dive tanks we went on with the second dive. This time Kevin was our divemaster. A few minutes into the dive we encountered a Manta Ray majestically drifting along. A bit later we met this Manta again and this time Kevin went off behind it into the depth. Not a choice for us after the first dive so we continued at a more shallow depth. After a while Kevin joined us again. We continued the dive while gradually going into shallower water. After 65 minutes we ended the dive and Niels picked us up with the boat.