Roi North of Seru Pretu in the Christoffel park

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Rooi Noord van Seru Pretu 20150226 037 smallIn the context of investigating as much of the lesser known parts of the Christoffelpark we went again to the area of Zorgvlied; this time our target was a roi to the North of the Seru Pretu. And because we didn't plan to come back at our starting point, we parked Fred's car, a pick-up truck, at the viewpoint Boka Tabla and went from there to the viewpoint closest to our starting point, viewpoint Knip, with two other cars. We had one guest this day, Martijn, son in law of Karel Aster. The others were François, Fred, Carel de Haseth, Karel Aster, Eddy, Hetty and I. From viewpoint Knip we walked via the asphalt road to a location close to the roi; there we went into the vegetation to go to the starting point of this roi on the side of the Seru Pretu.

Luckily this time the vegetation was not too prickly and there was also not too much Palu di lechi. The roi was beautiful with colorful moss on the rocks on the side of the roi and nice plants on the sides. In the roi we found bones of several different species of animals, a cat, a donkey and a nice skull of a stag with two antlers. We also found several artifacts that indicate that there has been a form of agriculture in this area, two hoes and a pickaxe. At one part the side of the roi was a steep slope that led to the top of a nameless hill. A few of the sleuths decided to climb this hill, the others climbed only part of the slope and went back into the roi itself.

There is also a steep drop in the roi; the roi drops for several meters almost vertically; this will give a very nice waterfall when enough water is flowing through this roi.

We continued through the main roi till we found a side branch that allowed us to go in the direction of viewpoint Boka Tabla. We followed that roi and then climbed the hill till we reached the asphalt road. From there it was a short walk back to Fred's car. Fred brought everyone to the other viewpoint where the other cars were parked. From there we went back to the parking lot of the Christoffel park. That concluded our hike. It was an interesting one, nice nature and we found proof of agriculture in this area.