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All below mentioned prices are excluding tax (OB).

The result of a photo shoot will be deliverd in digital form on CD or DVD with such a resolution that good quality pictures can be printed on 30x40 cm. A representative selection of the pictures will be delivered. These digital pictures are for personal use and modifications are not permitted without prior written permission from the photographer. Prints and reproduction on websites for personal use are allowed. Copying the CD or DVD for non-commercial use is allowed. The copyright for commercial use stays with the photographer. For commercial use of the delivered pictures the photographer must be contacted.

Event photography

For event photography like communion, marriage, party or any other activity the following tariff applies:

  • Fixed fee of Nalf 150,- for post-processing
  • Per hour or part of an hour: Nafl 100,-

The pictures can be placed on Internet (this web site) for Nafl 25,- per 50 pictures per month.

Photography of divers during course or guided dive

On request pictures can be made during a dive course or guided dive organised by Trunkdivers:

The following tariff applies:

  • High resolution (3648 x 2736 pixels): Nafl 9,- per picture
  • Average resolution (1824 x 1368 pixels) Nafl 5,- per picture

For more than one picture per dive the following discount applies:

  • 10 - 15: 15%
  • 16 - 20: 30%
  • 21 - 30: 40%
  • 31 or more: 50%

The total will be rounded off upwards to the next following whole guilders or dollars amount.

Some price examples for high resolution pictures:

Number of pictures Price Nafl Price US$
5 45 25
10 90 50
15 115 64
20 126 70
25 135 75
30 162 90
35 158 88
40 180 100

For pictures during courses or guided dives organised by other dive operators the same price applies but an additional Nafl 75,- will be calculated for the presence of the photographer during the dive. If the dive operator calculates additional costs for the presence of the photographer these costs will be charged to the customer.

The pictures can be placed on the Internet (this web site) for Nafl 25,- per 50 pictures per month.

Prints on canvas

All pictures can be delivered as prints on canvas. The price depends on the size of the print.


  • 30 x 45 cm: Nafl 200,-
  • 60 x 90 cm: Nafl 500,-

Deliverance takes 2 to 3 weeks from the moment of ordering.


Price on request.