Carnival 2011

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The start of the carnival season 2011 was plagued by unusual weather conditions. After lots of rain during the previous months it rained also on the day that the Children's parade was organized. In the end the decision was taken to postpone that parade. People were allready waiting for the parade along the streets and all the childres were present at the starting point. 
The parade was held on the day that normally the farewell parade for the childres is held. All other parades proceeded according to plan.

The teenagers were more lucky on their day, the Friday evening. No rain and an enthousiastic group of teens danced through the streets. 

Banda Abou, the most Western part of the island, had a larger parade than usual. A number of groups from the Children's parade took the opportunity to participate in this parade.  The weather was perfect and a lot of people went to Barber to see this parade. The nice thing about carnival in this part of the island is the very relaxed atmosphere.

On Sunday the main parade took place. Along the road a large group of spectators. The weather was good; there were some clouds but no rain. The groups did their utmost to show off. A lot of the costumes were very beautiful.

On Monday the postponed Children's parade was held. This time the weather was a lot better. It was a beautiful parade and the children had a lot of fun.

On Tuesday the final Farewell parade was held. The start was considerably delayed. There was a lot of confusion about the actual start time. Government had announced that the afternoon would be a day off but that appeared not to be the case. As a consequence a number of groups was not at the starting point in time. 
This parade is supposed to end at midnight but that became a lot later this year. 

To view pictures of each of these parades click on the pictures below to open the picture gallery for that parade.

TienerparadeBanda AbouGran MarchaKinderoptocht - afscheidMarcha di Despedida