Why is part of the website protected?

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Part of the articles on this website are no longer publicly accessible. Some articles are in a restricted area of the website that requires pre-registering once and loging in each time these articles need to be accessed. These are mainly the articles in which I report about archaeological findings of the Working Group Archaeology of which I am a member.

Why do I find it necessary to shield part of the articles? 

The Working Group Archaeology can only work successfully when there is a good relationship between the owners of the plantations that we want to investigate and the working group. Publications can harm such a relationship. When we want to investigate a certain area we always ask permission from the owners; the owners know that we will report about our findings; still, in case a newspaper, radio station or television station wants to publish one or more of our findings, we always ask permission from the owners and approval on the content of the publication prior to the actual publication. 

If a publication can cause harm, why do I publish?

  • What we find as working group is not exclusively ours. In my opinion people interested in our work should have access to our findings. 
  • By reporting almost weekly this website became a large archive of valuable historical information; an archive that is easily accessible and that can be searched easily. 
  • The scope of our publications is not very wide. the Facebook page of this website has less than 400 followers and also the website itself is not widely known. The official mailing list of the Working Group has also a limited scope. Publication in a newspaper or via a radio station reaches a far larger number of people and that is why we need to be extra careful in such a case. Normally the owners of the plantations have no problem with publication provided they get the opportunity to approve the request and publication before the actual publication. 

After careful consideration I have decided that shielding part of the information on this website, especially the information about our archaeological findings in Curaçao, gives a better protection against unauthorized use of that information without creating a large barrier for the people who are really interested. Such an interested person will accept that he/she has to register to get access; by registering the person explicitly accepts that publication without prior approval is not permitted. So the information is still accessible but a bit more protected against unauthorized use. 

On the Facebook page I will continue to publish where we have been and give a short summary of our findings but the link to the full report on this website will in certain cases lead to a part of the website that needs prior login to get access.