Second photoshoot with the submarine

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After the first test I was not pleased with the results. Especially the pictures that are most interesting for the customer, the pictures in which they are visible inside the sub, were not correctly exposed. To find out what I needed to change I did a number of tests in a similar situation with a high contrast between inside and outside. Based on the conclusions I wanted to test this in the real situation. On Monday August 2010 I once again went to the office of Substation Curacao for a second dive next to the submarine.

Substation_Curacao_20100816_016_smallWhen I arrived the submarine was not yet in the water. The crane was in use to move some big rocks in the harbor entrance. Most probably not very good for the visibility just outside the harbor. One hour later than planned we, and this time this was Barry, Kevin and I, entered the water, all three with a camera; and indeed the visibility was worse than the previous time. Also Barry had told me that Kevin and I were not to disturb him, because his pictures would be used commercially. So Barry would get the first chance to take pictures and afterwards Kevin and I could make some pictures. 

First I made a number of shots of Barry and the submarine without using my strobe. That gives good results for overview shots. When Barry was finished I have made a few shots with the strobe close to the sub. Unfortunately the strobe didn't fire each time, so a lot of the pictures were underexposed. There was not sufficient time to correct this under water. But, as the picture shows, I got the sub as well as the passengers correctly exposed. And that was the purpose of this test. Still not optimal because there is a strange reflection in the window of the submarine. It is unclear what causes this reflection because it seems not to be the reflection of the strobe itself.
Below a selection of the pictures of this test.