Seroe Palibandera 20140306 013 smallSeru Palibandera means mountain of the flag pole. Was there a flag pole on top of this mountain and got this mountain its name in this way? Interesting enough to go checking. So the Archaeology Sleuths went investigating. On Thursday March 6 we met at the entrance of the Christoffelpark. From there we drove to a parking lot close to this mountain where we parked our car. Before we started our hike to the top we went for a look at the large field of rocks closeby. Apparently the slaves were convinced that if they brought a lot of rocks here and that if they didn't eat salt they would be transported back to Africa. If there is any truth in this story, I don't know, probably not. But true or not at least we had a special experience here.

While we were looking around we heard some noise in the neighboring bushes. That appeared to be a deer, eating from the Bromelias on the ground. With only a few meters between us and the deer and the deer not being affraid of us, we stood some minutes opposite of each other. The deer so undisturbed by our presence that she kept eating while once in a while looking if we were still there. A unique experience! Finally the deer went away; she stood at some distance for a last look at us and then disappeared.

After this magnificient experience we started our hike. Because the side of the Seru Palibandera was very steep we decided to go to a pass between this hill and the Christoffel mountain. The first part was not easy but farther uphill the vegetation became more open.

Halfway we were attacked by bees. So we started running to reach a safer place where we took our anti-insect aerosols from our backpacks. We sprayed around us to keep the remaining bees away. Carel, Fred and I went back to look for the nest. That appeared not to be a nest but a swarm. A swarm is formed when the nest becomes overcrowded. A new queen is bred and then part of the group leaves the old nest with the queen and starts searching for a new nesting place. We were unfortunate enough to cross their path.
After reaching the pass we took a first rest. Fresh again we walked from the pass along and sometimes on top of a dry-stone wall in the direction of the top of the Seru Palibandera. That top is 250 meters high so soon we had a good view on another top that we reached not so long ago, the Seru Tinta.

After reaching the top we took a long rest. François, Fred and I went looking for remnants of a flag pole but didn't find anything.
The view from the top on the Christoffel mountain and the Seru Gracia was very nice. Also it looks very interesting to try to reach the top of the Christoffel mountain from this side. It looks doable. Fred did this already a long time ago but none of us did. So maybe something for a future expedition.

The wind on the top was very strong. When I went on top of a rock to reach the highest point I had to lean against the wind to stay more or less upright. So after some pictures were made I immediately went to safer ground.
We walked over the ridge to a point were it looked acceptable to descend the steep side of the mountain and to go to the dirt road. The descend was not always easy but there were sufficient trees along the path to keep us from falling. We all reached the road safely. From there it was a short walk to where we had parked our cars.

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  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_001In blue our hiking track
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_002The parking lot. To the left the Seru Palibandera, to the right the Christoffel mountain
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_003Large field of rocks
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_004Carel seems shorter today
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_005This deer was looking at us and was not affraid; she kept eating Bromelias
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_006We start out trip to the top
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_007A Brasilwood tree
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_008A Palu di Sia in front of our target
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_009Nice yellow moss or lichen
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_010The grapes of the Druifi shimaron or Kamalia
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_011Apparently someone ate the leaves instead of the grapes
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_012The trunk of a Wayaká
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_013View from the pass between the Christoffel mountain and the Seru Palibandera on the Seru Tinta
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_014The Christoffel mountain
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_015A dry-stone wall that is on no map
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_016One needs to be different
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_017Time for a break at the pass
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_018Dirk solves a problem with his shoes
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_019Christoffelmountain from the top of the Seru Palibandera
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_020The Christoffel mountain, Piedra Mulina and Seru Gracia
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_021The Seru Gracia once again
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_022Good view on the layered sedimentary rocks
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_023Another example of the sedimentary rocks
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_023fOn top of the hill leaning against the wind; picture made by Fred
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_024This reminds me of the sacred tree in Avatar
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_024fWalking on the ridge; picture made by Fred
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_025Flower of the Prickly pear / Infrou
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_026The bees like this stuff
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_027The larger cousing of the Infrou, the Tuna
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_028Also here bees in the flowers
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_029
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_030A Tilandsia attached to a tree
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_031Break on top of the Seru Palibandera
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_032
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_034We walked on the ridge before we started our descend
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_035
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_036Tree trunk with lichen
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_037Moss and lichen on the rocks
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_038And once again our 'Aliens'; there were lots of these here
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_039Brasiswood tree
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_040The nicely grooved trunk of the Brasilwood
  • Seroe_Palibandera_20140306_041A row of Palu di Sia with in the back an Indju