Nameless roi next to Roi Sanchie

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During our previous visit to the area of Zevenbergen in the Christoffelpark we went through the roi to Pos Kayuda and from there we walked back through Roi Sanchie. Between these two roi's there is a nameless roi. That was our target for the hike on Thursday January 9, 2014. 

We parked our cars once again at the subtop of the Seru Gracia. From there we descended into the roi. Not an easy task because the slope was quite steep and the underground not very stable. And it had rained so the rocks were slippery.

Christoffelpark Naamloze Roi 20140109 034 smallOur progress was slow but we made it safely into the roi. The roi itself was for the first part quite different from the others that we had seen. The bottom was broad and flat, was covered with ground bromelias with inbetween only a small path were apparently the water flows after heavy rains. At the moment it was completely dry even though we had had some rain in the morning.

We continued through the roi till we reached a dry-stone wall that crossed the roi. There we paused for a while. Behind that point the roi became more typical with sloping sides. There was enough to see and capture for the photographers. In this time of the year the nature is very lush. The roi itself also became more difficult to walk through. There were several points were waterfalls would be in the wet period. We had to climb down over very slippery and steep rocks to cross these waterfalls.

From our GPS's we learned that we were near the point where we would need to leave the roi to go up to the ridge along which we wanted to go back. So we looked for a good place to start the climb. The vegetation was not very dense on the slope so the climb was relatively easy. On the top we took our lunch break on top of the dry-stone wall that crossed the top. 

After the break we first continued along the dry-stone wall untill we discovered that that would lead us back into the roi. So we left the wall and started walking on the ridge. After a while we found another dry-stone wall. According to the maps this wall would be crossed by another one. We were not far from that point but the wall itself was not visible because it was completely covered by ground bromelias. We crossed the wall and walk along the perpendicular wall till we came at the dirt road. There we took another rest before we walked over the road to our cars. That was uphill and after already walking for a long time this was not easy.

We made it back to the cars just in time before it started to rain. This was the end of another beautiful hike through this area of the Christoffelpark.