Seru di Baha Hundu

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On Thursday December 5, 2013 we went again to the Christoffelpark. We are exploring the mountains and valleys in the area of Zevenbergen (Seven mountains) and this time the Seru di Baha Hundu was our target. A mountain that is 206 meters high according to the topographical map from Kadaster '93. We parked our cars again close to the Seru Bientu; from there we went for about 100 meters in the direction of the top of the Seru Bientu; there we left the path and descended in the valley between the Seru di Palomba that we climbed last week and the Seru di Baha Hundu, our target for this week.

Seru di Baha Hundu 20131205 002 smallThe descend of 50 meters was not easy because of a lot of loose rocks and a rather steep slope. But we all made it without falling. We continued through the 'rooi' which is where during and after heavy rainfall the water flows. The rooi was dry now, but it must be a magnificent sight when there is fast-flowing water here. For sure there will be many small waterfalls.

The hike through the rooi was not too difficult although we had to make some detours to avoid the densest vegetation. Gradually we descended another 50 meters while walking through the rooi till we reached a point almost immediately under the top of the Seru di Baha Hundu. The climb to the top took us almost 1.5 hours. The slope was very steep. My estimate is that we had an inclination of close to 60 degrees at some points with little grip from the shoes on the loose rocks and few trees that could give us support. But is was certainly worth it. The vegetation on the opposite slope looked like a rain forrest, very dense, high and green. And once again we had a nice view on the plantation house Knip. 
The top itself is narrow but we all found a place to rest and to take our lunch. We knew beforehand that this would be an extra long hike so we all packed lunch and extra water. After a good rest we started our way back to the cars. Easier said than done because on this side of the mountain there were far more Prickly pears and Wabis and also large fields of ground Bromelias, so our progress was slow. Luckily we could walk on top of a dry-stone wall for some time where the vegetation was less dense. Two hours later we reached the dirt road where we took a rest and then continued to our cars.

A long hike (5.5 hours) with a total length of only 3.8 kilometers but certainly worth the effort. Walking through an undisturbed nature in hilly terrain with a group of friends is a great way to spend time.

The pictures below give you an impression of what we saw on this trip.

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