Seru Warawara 20150129 003 smallDuring our previous visit to Hofi Mango we started the trail to the top of the Seru Warawara but decided after a short while to save this trip for another time. That time came on Thursday January 29, 2015. Once again we had permission from Alex and Lia Ooms to park our cars inside the hofi.  The group was small this time, Eddy, Carel, François and I and one guest, Chris Winkel.

Alex showed us the way to the first top of the Seru Warawara; for us 'a walk in the park' because there was a path to this top. So we didn't have to crawl under or cut our way through the vegetation.
Soon we crossed a first dry-stone wall; The Werbata map showed a green line at this location which most of the time indicates a fence or other boundary between areas, but sometimes also a dry-stone wall.

At the first top (71.8 meters high) we took a first break. I started looking for a Kadaster measuring point in the vegetation. And indeed there was a Kadaster measuring point at this top, but I could only find remnants, broken off pieces. Nowhere I could find the place where the measuring point was originally placed; no traces of the foundation.

After the break, Alex left us and we continued in the direction of the second top. Again we crossed several dry-stone walls before we reached the top. At this top we took a second break. Carel brought a coconut with him which he opened and cleaned for us. It was a bit much coconut for the five of us. Chewing coconut is a tiresome experience.
At this top, which is a little bit higher than the previous one, I couldn't find a Kadaster measuring point.

We continued our hike through a roi. After a while we reached an open area; we decided to cross that and go more or less directly to the road. Close to the road we found a large and deep well with close to it a large engine, apparently used to pump up the water.
After reaching the road we went to the snack on the other side of the road and took a drink there. Then we walked via the asphalt road back to the gate of Hofi Mango.

  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_001The track starting at the resored sugar mill over the Seru Warawara
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_003View from a subtop towards the Christoffel mountain
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_004There is a lot to explain
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_005The first dry-stone wall; on the Werbata map a green wall
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_007Another view on the Christoffel mountain
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_008Nice flowers along our trail
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_009Flowers of the Watapana shimaron
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_010Yerba di pataka
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_011
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_013Indigo on the first top of the Seru Warawara
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_014Remnants of a Kadaster measuring point
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_016
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_017
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_018Yerba di glas
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_019Lòki-lòki showing signs of drought
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_021Another dry-stone wall
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_023This Iguana was lying completely still even when I approached him closely
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_024Orkidia (Lady of the night) - orchid
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_025Fungi on the trunk of a tree
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_026Layered rocks
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_027Flower of the Orkidia (Lady of the night)
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_029Carel is preparing a coconut for us
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_030At the second top of the Seru Warawara
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_032This is where the name of the Karpata is coming from
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_033Strange object in the dam
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_034Large and deep well
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_035with a pump engine
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_036There is water at the bottom of the well
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_037Chris is studying the pump engine
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_038Apparently from 1955
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_039
  • Seru_Warawara_20150129_040