In January of this year we went to this area in search of indian sites and remnants of a WW-II observation post. We found both although the observation post was a mix of WW-II and later building material. When we left the area of this observation post Fred saw something like a concrete block on the upper plateau of the Seru Stèla. It was already late so we couldn't investigate then. This time we went back to find out what Fred had seen. 

DSCN4756 320We gathered again at the entrance of the Koraal Tabak area. From there we went by car along the drag race strip to the foot of the Seru Stèla. After parking our cars we tried to find the easiast path uphill. We found a way but it was far from easy. Often we had to crawl under the thorny vegetation as you can see in the picture to the left (picture made by Fred). 

After a while we reached the remnants of the observation post where we took a rest. From there we climbed to the upper plateau where we found the concrete block that Fred had seen. It appeared to be a nearly white tree trunk.
We split up to investigate the area but didn't find any artifacts. The plateau was very dry. Lots of dead tree trunks mixed with cacti and some green plants. Strangely enough the Brasia (Brasilwood of Dyewood) was blooming while at the same time almost all green leaves were shed. Apparently nature has strange ways of survival.

From the upper plateau we had a beautiful view over the entrance of the St. Joris Bay and the Northern shore on one side and the St. Joris bay itself on the other side. Also the well-known piramid could be seen. From this viewpoint the piramid shape was very recognisable.

Because some of us had other appointments we decided to make this a shorter trip than normal so we left the plateau after about three quarters of an hour and went back to the cars. 

  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_001The track that we walked in blue
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_002The Seru Stèla as seen from the parking place
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_003A dead tree is blocking our way
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_005François is the first to reach the middle plateau
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_006Hetty also made it but Carel is still deciding how to climb
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_007Also here the vegetation is dense and thorny
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_009Hetty and Carel still have to find a way through the Prickly pear cacti
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_011Large candle cactus
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_012Wait for me!!
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_013The remnants of the WW-II observation post
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_014A look down from the upper plateau; Carel at the observation post
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_015Fred next to the object he had seen the last time
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_016No concrete block but a tree trunk
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_017Close-up of the tree trunk
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_018Carel clears a path through the dense vegetation
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_019Another tree trunk
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_020Markings in the trunk suggest that Christians were here (profile of a fish, used by early Christians as a secret Christian symbol)
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_021A blooming Brasilwood while all leaves are shed
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_022More dead tree trunks
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_023A blooming Brasilwood next to a dead trunk
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_024View over the St Joris bay with the Makwaku island (frigate bird island)
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_026The piramid of Koraal Tabak
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_027Several Melocacti
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_029Contrast between dead trees and new life
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_032"Jip and Janneke" on the cliff
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_033Oh, not Jip and Janneke, but Hetty and François
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_034A nice view from the top of the Seru Stèla
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_039Downhill is not always as easy as it looks
  • Koraal_Tabak_20130328_040Lichen on a rock