Kunuku Striebeek

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Striebeek 20160526 043 smallOn Thursday May 26 2016 the archaeology sleuths parked their cars along the road to Westpunt close to plantation house Ascension. Our target for that day was de Kunuku Striebeek, one of the old kunuku's along a dirt road visible on the Werbata map. This kunuku Striebeek looks rather undisturbed on Google Earth so we hoped to find foundations or other remnants of the many houses that are marked on the Werbata map in this kunuku.

When we arrived at the border between kunuku Caridad (a small kunuku) and kunuku Striebeek we entered the vegetation. Between these two kunuku's there seems to have been a path with on both sides a fence, a rather new one on the Caridad side and an old one on the Striebeek side. We entered the kunuku Striebeek.

Some parts of the area had a dense vegetation other parts were rather open. From experience we know that the most logical place to look for the ruins or remnants of old houses is where there are a lot of columnar cacti. Especially when these correspond with the location marked by Werbata. But this time we didn't find any traces of houses. We found a lot of artifacts, even concentrations of artifacts, some old some rather recent, but no trace of foundations or buildings. We searched part of the kunuku extensively without success. Given the fact that all artifacts were only small pieces we concluded that this area probably has been cleared in the past with bulldozers. That would explain why there are only small pieces of artifacts and why there are concentrations at some places. But it also means that there is no hope of finding the small houses that were here in the past.
After a break Fran├žois proposed to a show part of the group the location of the ruins of the (newer) plantation house Patrick. Fred, Chris, Eddy and I decided to search another part of the kunuku Striebeek. Also there we didn't find any traces of buildings. What we did find was an nice old car wreck. A large American car with still some paint on part of the body. A search on the Internet by Fred and Fran├žois based on a part number found on the steering mechanism revealed that this was a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner. A nice find.
Another nice find was a miniature cola bottle. Some of us have good memories of these kind of miniature bottles from their childhood. Apparently these miniature bottles were produces in the twenties of last century but also in the sixties of last century. It is unclear how old this particular bottle is.

This concluded our search of kunuku Striebeek. Afterwards we celebrated several birthdays in the restaurant of Dokterstuin.