Santa Krus - area opposite Hofi Mango

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Tegenover Hofi Mango 20150618 033 smallOn Thursday June 18, 2015 the Archaeology sleuths gathered at Hofi Mango. We parked our cars there with permission from Alex and Ria Ooms and went to the other side of the road to start our hike. Our goal for this day where two nameless hills on that side of the road. Opposite Hofi Mango a dirt road, constructed by Aqualectra to maintain the power lines, starts. We followed that road to the top of a first hill with a height of 61.6 meters. From there we had a nice view on Hofi Mango with the sugar mill. The road was well-maintained so we had an easy hike. But from that first top the dirt road disappeared. We followed the power lines till we reached a point where it seemed to be easier to go directly to the top of the second hill. That hill is 121.8 meters high. On that top a triangulation point from Kadaster is positioned.

Higher on that hill we found an increasing amount of Infrou (Prickly pear cactus); Dense fields of these cacti made it increasingly difficult to proceed uphill. Finding our way around fields of Bromelias and fighting our way through the fields of Prickly pear we finally reached the top. There we found a rather low Kadaster triangulation point. At the foot of the official triangulation point we found two more (secondary) copper points each embedded in a patch of concrete. And to our surprise we found a third secondary point several meters away from the Kadaster point. Maybe the vegetation got so dense that the official black-white triangulation point was no longer visible from the neighboring hills and this third point was constructed as an alternative. The identification of the Kadaster triangulation point is DP52.

After a break on the top we continued our hike. We went downhill via the East side of the hill. There appeared to be a path, maybe used by Kadaster to reach the triangulation point. Around half past eleven we reached our starting point, Hofi Mango. A relatively short hike.