Battlestation Blaauw 1942 - future war museum

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In June 2010 François van der Hoeven, Fred Chumaceiro and I visited Blaauw together with an official from the Monumentenburo (Monument Conservation buro). At Blaauwbaai we met the Security Manager Allan van der Ree (since January 1, 2012 no longer employed by Blue Bay Security). Apart from being the person in charge of the security at the Blauwbaai resort at that moment, he is also representing the Foundation Battle Station Blaauw 1942. This foundation strives to conserve the remnants of the American presence in Curaçao during World War II and to keep the remembrance of their efforts alive. There was a large battle station at the plantation Blaauw during the war with a number of barracks, several gun emplacements, some ammunition bunkers and a place where vehicles could be maintained, the motor pool. Several remnants of this battle station are still present and in reasonably good shape. During this visit the official from the Monumentenburo documented these remnants. This is the first step to get a formal status as a monument.

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Since then a lot has happened. It was a constant battle between the further development of this area and the conservation of the remnants of the battle station. Recently a compromise has been reached in which part of the battle station will be removed to make room for development and in which another part will be conserved and turned into a World War II museum. The WW-II museum will be housed in a reconstruction of one of the barracks on the original foundation and floor of that barrack and in the surroundings the large gun emplacement, 2 bunkers and two cisterns will be kept in their current state as a living museum of that time.

On April 25 some of the sleuths visited the temporary museum. It is currently housed in a small room in a house. Not all the stuff is placed there. The larger parts are still at Blaauw awaiting the completion of the barrack.

There are two section with pictures. The first of our visit to Blaauw in June 2010 and the second of our visit to the temporary museum in April 2013.

People who are interested in visiting this museum and don't want to wait till it is relocated to the reconstructed barack may contact contact Allan van der Ree at his cell phone (+599 9 5616383) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prior visit to Battle Station Blaauw 1942

Visit to the future museum