Dokterstuin - a roi, tanki's and the Seroe Sjajo

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Dokterstuin 20160211 036 smallOn February 11, 2016 the sleuths gathered around 8 AM at plantation house Dokterstuin for a trip in the area to the North-East of the plantation house in the direction of the top of the Seroe Sjajo. We had several guests this time. It would be a rather short trip because we wanted to celebrate the 70th birthday of our chieftain, François, with a lunch in the restaurant of Dokterstuin.

First we crossed the road coming from the road to Soto. According to the Werbata map there are several dams, a tanki and a grave in that area; the tanki and the first dam we found, but soon we encountered dense vegetation and also fences to the private properties along this road. We respected these fences and returned to the main road to Westpunt. After crossing that road we entered a large roi that flows along the road.
We could easily walk in this roi and we followed it till we reached a very large and deep tanki. A steep natural rock wall on the Northern side and a man-made dam on the Western side create a large reservoir for water in this roi. Very impressive.

We continued throug the roi at the other side of the tanki. There we found a culvert; normally used to let water flow underneath a road, but there is no road visible on the Werbata map in this area. The culvert is a rather recent construction from concrete and steel plates.
A bit further we found a square well, also recent because there were rebars in the concrete.

When the vegetation in the roi became denser we decided to leave the roi. We went in the general direction of the Seroe Sjajo which is on the other side of a dirt road. It was not easy to get to that road because of private terrains along the road which were fenced off. We didn't want to trespass. First we went uphill to get a better view on the area; then we went downhill through dense and prickly vegetation to the road.

We took a long break along the road before we went once again uphill to the top of the Seroe Sjajo. From the top we had a nice view on the surroundings. We could see the plantation houses of Ascencion and Doktertuin, the hofi with lots of palm trees on the plantation Patrick and the church of Barber.
We looked extensively for a Kadaster measuring point on this hill top but couldn't find any.

From the top we went straight to the road and followed that dirt road till the "Weg naar Westpunt". We arrived at Dokterstuin around half past eleven. A bit early, but we were all thirsty so being early is not really a problem in a restaurant.