Patrick revisited

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Patrick 20160114 006 smallIn 2011 we already visited the plantation Patrick. At that time I didn't write reports in English so there is no English version available from that visit. The Dutch version can be found here. At that time we did part of the trip by car. This time we went hiking from the Road to Westpunt. We followed the dirt road to the ruin of the plantation house Patrick. First we saw the large water tank. From there we entered the vegetation to look for the ruin of the plantation house. That is located close to the dirt road. Not much has changed in the past 4 years. The condition looks the same. One thing that I didn't find this time is the generator that was here in the corral in 2011. Apparently it was removed just as the complete stone crusher has been removed from the coastal region of Patrick. 
We detected one very strange object. Someone has placed a two memorial crosses inside the ruin. We have no idea if someone died here or what other reason there could be for placing such memorial crosses.

We continued our hike in the direction of a well and a house that was marked on the Werbata map. What we found surprised us. There was indeed a well but the house was built so close to the well that it can be considered one object. Maybe a pump house next to the well? Although it is a bit large for that purpose. On the Werbata map there is a distance between the well and the house so we started looking for another house in the vicinity. We found some building materials but no clear foundation or wall. But we found another interesting metal object. Two large cartwheels embedded in a metal frame. We took several pictures but couldn't figure out what it was. We suspected that it was a pump and indeed, Fred started googling for such an object after the hike and found a picture of a pump for a water mill that closely resembled our find. Another mystery solved.

Not everyone in the group had seen the graves so that was our next stop. We crossed a large field with only low grass and found the graves in one of the corners of the field. It looks as if the third grave, that was already damaged the last time that we were here, has further deteriorated. On one of the graves we found a vague inscription. It is unclear if this is old or more recent. We didn't notice this in 2011.
After a break we continued in the direction of the magasina. We found another well, more oval than circular and without water. Closeby we found the ruin of the magasina. That building is completely overgrown by the vegetation.

From there we followed another dirt road. We wanted to walk through the old hofi with palm trees, but found our way blocked by large field of Palu di lechi. Impenetrable, so we continued on the dirt road back to our cars.