Ascencion - walking through one of the roi's

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Ascencion rooi 20151217 015 smallAfter a long while - I was unable to attend the weekly hikes for several weeks - I joined the archaeology sleuths for the last hike of the year. Our target was a roi that we did not yet follow during one of our previous visits in this area. We met at 8 AM; we had one guest, David Koren, a social geographer who is in Curaçao for a short visit. The others were François, Fred, Michèle, Eddy, Carel and I. 
The first part of our hike was on asphalt road to the point where the roi crosses the street. There we entered the vegetation.

We continued our hike through the roi; that was quite easy; the water flow apparently cleares the central part of the roi from new plants. Soon we encountered the first dam. We kept following the roi and found many more dams. Close to one such dam we found a deep well with a drinking tank closeby. Several of the dams that we found were breached where the water met the dam. One of the dams was very long and crossed two different roi's. Where this dam was broken a half-circle of stones was put behind the opening in the dam. A futile approach to block the water behind the breach.

After a while we left the roi and went in the direction of the kunuku's in this area. As soon as we left the roi the vegetation became a lot denser. Around the kunuku was a fence. We walked along it in the direction of a tanki that was marked on the Werbata map. The tanki was surrounded by a high earthen wall. The tanki itself was dry and overgrown by a very lush vegetation. To the side of the tanki we found a part of a circular well.

After a break we decided to hike back. The most promising route seemed to be over a small hill. From a distance we could see that the vegetation was quite open higher up the hill. But before we got there we had to cross an area with dense vegetation.
On the top of the hill the group split; one party went directly to the asphalt road; the shortest distance but to the other party it looked not the easiest route because of the vegetation. I joined the second party. That group went downhill in the direction of the roi. As long as we stayed on the side of the hill the vegetation was not a problem. But we had to be careful with loose rocks on the slope. The last part before we could enter the roi was more difficult because the slope was steep, the vegetation was dense although not prickly, so we had to be very careful not to slip. After reaching the roi the remaining part to the asphalt road was once again easy.
We took a rest to the side of the asphalt road waiting for the others. After a while we decided to go back to the cars; when we arrived there the others also arrived by car. They were picked up by Hetty and Ai Wha. Together we went to the restaurant at Dokterstuin where we celebrated our last hike of 2015 with a good meal and some drinks.