Around plantation house Jan Kok

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Jan Kok 20151001 041 smallOn Thursday October 1, 2015 the sleuths went to Jan Kok. The Werbata map showed some waterworks to the West and South-East of the plantation house and also some houses to the East of the plantation house. Enough for a search in this area. We had permission from the owners to enter the area.
We parked our cars close to the Williwood snack at 7:45 AM and from there we entered the vegetation. Almost immediately we found a first tanki. One that is not marked on the Werbata map. The large circular tanki that is so clearly visible on the Werbata map was nowhere to be found. Maybe it filled up and is no longer recognisable as a tanki surrounded with earthen walls. Apparently there was a hofi in this area because we found several trunks of palm trees. The oblong tanki on the map was clearly visible as such. Close to it we found a large trunk of a felled mahogany tree. Also several slices of this trunk were lying around in this area. These would make nice side tables. 

The dam was also easily visible but with an unexpected nice surprise. There was a large overflow constructed in a way that we had never seen before. Very robust. Close to the overflow most of the sleuths took a first break. I continued first with Carel but after a while we lost contact and I continued on my own. One well that was not on the Werbata map was found and close-by where the Werbata map shows a building and part of a coral I found a large water tank. Apparently there was a cover planned for this water tank because there were two supports inside the tank. 
I decided to get back to the group but found them not at the overflow. But there was another large well on the map and most likely they were going in that direction. And indeed I could join them again at that large well. François called Carel by phone and we went in his direction. There was another well that almost fell pray to a bulldozer clearing a road. But the dozer just missed the well. 

Fred wanted to see the well and large water tank that I had seen so we went in that direction. On our way we found another small water tank. And next to the large water tank there was part of a coral; in the wall of this coral we found something that looked like an embrasure. Strange because next to it there was a windowsill. The solution came later when we passed the large coral next to the plantation house. Also that coral wall appeared to have embrasures. But strangely enough with the wide opening on the outside so apparently the danger came from within the coral. Apparently the builder of the coral liked this kind of openings in the wall; you can easily look into the coral but not easily from inside to the outside.
At the plantation house we met Alba. She brought some fresh cold water for us which was very welcome because it was once again a very warm day. After a rest in the shade we continued our hike; this time to the East where we hoped to find remnants of the houses that were here in the past. But that appeared to be in vain. No traces of houses except some piles of stones and also not many artifacts. After a while we went back in the direction of the large dam with tanki on the Werbata map. Also this dam had an even more impressive overflow, constructed in a similar way as the one that we found before. Apparently from the same builder. The wall was very impressive and consisted of three parts, a foundation layer with a large first wall on top and a bit more to the back and higher up the dam a large second wall.

This concluded our hike for this day. We went back to the cars. Probably we will come back another time to look more in depth to remnants of houses in this area. We didn't cover all locations in this search.