Porto Marie, a second visit to the village

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Porto Marie 20150326 016 smallDuring the first visit to the plantation house and village we found the remnants of several small houses to the North-East of the plantation house. But we didn't cover the whole area where houses are marked on the Werbata map, so we went back one week later, on March 26, 2015 to investigate the remaining part.

But first we entered the area to the South-West of the plantation house where a lot of columnar cacti could be seen; often these indicate former habitation. On the Werbata map nothing is indicated here apart from some green lines that indicate boundaries between adjacent agricultural fields. In that area we found a lot of artifacts but all broken down to very small pieces. We concluded that these artifacts where destroyed when clearing this area in the past with a bulldozer. We also found a dry-stone wall, one of the green lines on the map, and behind that wall the area seemed undisturbed. We didn't find artifacts here. Most probably there was indeed no habitation here although the area was used for agriculture or for keeping cattle.

Then we brought a visit to the two magazinas. Fred could not make it last week, so for him this was the first visit to the magazinas. From there we walked over the dirt road to the last and most intact house that we found last week. From there we criss-crossed the area in search for more foundations. We found a lot of artifacts in this area, parts of gin jars, case bottles, other bottles, a hinge, several piss pots and blue kitchenware. But we didn't find any foundation; the area looks as if it is cleared and levelled in the past; the vegetation is not yet high and there are dense fields of Prickly pear cacti. Probably spread by goats in this area.

We went back in the direction of the magazinas but kept a more Western track than we did last week to check for houses in that part. Also there nothing new. After a while we decided to end our search because the temperature was rising and the hike was quite strenuous. Apparently we found all the small houses in this area last week and the remaining houses that are marked on the map are completely gone.