Two visits to the refinery - Second visit to the refinery

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The next Thursday, September 18, we went again to the refinery for our second visit. Mister Cedrick Martina and mister Hasselmeyer were once again our tourguides. This time we drove to the Marchena Yard and from there we went on foot. First we went looking for remains of Villa Reaal. We found nothing in this area. Next stop was the location of plantation house Heintje Kool; there we found some artifacts, parts of roof tiles, plaster and a piece of a corner of a wall. At least proof that there was a building here. Closeby we found a Kadaster measuring point.

We continued over the former Schottegatweg; the foundation of this road is still clearly visible. Next to the road we found an aluminum sign indicating high voltage cables from CPIM, the former name of the Shell company. We also found several culverts to lead the water under this former road. And several modern deepwells, no longer in use.

We followed this road where possible but a lot of time we had to find our way through dense vegetation. We went to the area where we hoped to find remains of the plantation house Roozendaal. That was located very close to where now the fence is of the refinery. Unfortunately also this area is cleared. But in the neigborhood where still some vegatation was present we found several artifacts of this plantation house. Rooftiles, kitchenware and IJssel bricks. But no visible sign of a foundation. Apparently when the area was cleared these artifacts were deposited here.

We walked back to our cars. Along that path we found another high voltage sign, but this was from the Shell Curaçao, so that had to be from a later date than the first one.

All in all two interesting visits. Not that we found much, but now we know for sure that there are no important remains left of these former plantation houses.

These visits would not have been possible with the permission and full cooperation of the management of the RdK and our guides during these two hikes for which we are very grateful.